Caliber’s perineal repair pad prompts trainees to learn to suture within the vagina. It comprises of an epidermis, dermal and subdermal layer.


  • The pad is designed to simulate first, second and third-degree tear repair.
  • Tear incisions can be done on the pad according to the trainee to simulate the perineal tear- left lateral, midline and/ or right lateral.
  • The pad is anatomically sound.
  • Soft skin with similar pull and strength as the human skin.
  • Cost-effective as multiple incisions can be made on the pad and can be used over and over again.
  • The pad comes along with a base that secures the position.


Once the practice has been done, the trainer can be used again multiple times you just have to purchase the replacement part.

The replacement part can be purchased separately multiple times for multiple practices.

Caliber Vagina Perineal Repair Trainer

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