The EasyWay Endotrainer Bundle is the most compact and complete endotrainer. It is portable and can be setup just anywhere for training.All Caliber Simulators' products can be used within the endotrainer for practice.   The bundle includes: 	Easyway Endotrainer-1	Dotted Guide Suture Pad-1	Tissue Suture Pad-1	Human Bowels-1  Features: 		Completely portable endotrainer.			Easy setup within 5 minutes.			The bundle has 3 different trainers that can be used to enhance different training skills.			Has an in-built LED.			Use your mobile phone (either Android or Apple) both as a camera and as a screen.			Easily connect your mobile to a computer or a laptop for a bigger display.			EasyWay Endotrainer is designed to allow various trainers from Caliber Simulators to be integrated within itself making it a complete solution for various training modules.			All replacement parts are easily available on our website.			Developed under guidance of experienced doctors.	 Note: The setup guide and video will be shared via email after purchase.

Caliber Simulators EasyWay Endotrainer Bundle